Computer Science Career Opportunities

Your interest in computer science opens career opportunities in business, industry, and government, in the fields of defense, health, and the environment.

Graduates of the computer science program may be employed in business and industry as well as the growing number of other organizations that rely on local area networks.

Here are some of the more common jobs that a graduate may find:

Desktop Programmer: Desktop programmers create or modify programs for use on the typical desktop personal computer. They are often responsible for integrating existing software products to create new or more efficient functionality.

Database Designer: Database designers work with teams of programmers and business experts to create stores of information that are secure and can access data in an efficient, reliable manner. Database designers also create reports and small programs to get data from the database.

Database Administrator: A Database administrator works to ensure that the database remains functional. The administrator also grants access to those who need it while barring unauthorized access.

Software Engineer: Software engineers design programs by using a structured approach. They use math to determine the most efficient algorithms. Software engineers create the designs before the programmers write the software.

Systems Analyst: Systems analysts review business and social needs of an organization and then determine how best to apply hardware and software to meet the organization's needs. Systems analysts bridge the gap between the real-world needs of the people in an organization and the constraints of the technology.

Information Technology Specialist (IT): Information technology specialists help computer users with the day-to-day difficulties that come up. Sometimes this involves training the users. Other times it may involve troubleshooting problems with the technology.

Web Developer: Web developers write programs designed to interact with users over the Internet. Many businesses build their programs this way today. Web developers work with graphic artists and database administrators to create useful and eye-catching programs that users can reach from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Animator: Animators use computers to create moving graphic images. Animators often work in the entertainment industry making movies or games. Other animators work with scientists and engineers to make graphic models of things that have not yet been built.

Embedded Control Developer/Roboticist: There are computers in many things today, and they do not all look like desktop PCs. Embedded controllers are computers built into other machines. Your car, your CD player and traffic lights all have computers. So do the latest medical devices that save lives every day. On the industrial-machinery side of embedded controls, there are robots. A computer science degree puts you well on your way to understanding the programming behind today’s automated machines.

Graduate Studies in Computer Science