Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall: Finding Common Ground in a Fractured Age

The motto of the United States is “Out of Many, One,” but our democracy in 2017 was splintered, with political combatants entrenched in fixed ideologies, while the idea of a political center seemed to have become a no-person’s land.

The 2017 Fall Faculty Series explored how today's biggest issues could be resolved through courage and compassion.

The Sisters of Mercy identified many critical concerns in our modern world, such as violence, women, immigration, Earth, and more. Coming to grips with these big issues requires a measure of sanity and rationality that seems scarce in politics.

Through multiple presentations, performances, and stories, the 2017 Fall Faculty Series examined:

• How we got to this point, and where we may be able to go from here.
• The legitimate role of protest to allow marginalized voices to be heard.
• The ways we can have constructive dialogue with those who disagree with us.

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Events were free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. In keeping with its educational mission, Mount Mercy University welcomed presenters with varied perspectives.

Thank you for joining us!

2017 Fall Faculty Series Events (calendar view)

Aug. 29 Series Overview
7 PM | Betty Cherry Heritage Hall (more…)
Sept. 7 Fake News and the Free Press
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall) (more…)
Sept. 12 Great White Hoax: Racism, Divide-and-Conquer, and the Politics of Trumpism
Diversity Speaker Tim Wise
7 PM | McAuley Theater (more…)
Sept. 14 Constitution Day «campus-only event»
11 AM–1 PM | Sisters of Mercy University Center Commons (more…)
Sept. 18 Mercy Week: Exploring our Political Power «campus-only event»
Visiting Speaker Mike Poulin
6 PM | Betty Cherry Heritage Hall (more…)
Sept. 19 Mercy Week Keynote: Pope Francis and the Message of Peace
Visiting Speaker Dr. Matthew Ashley
7 PM | Chapel of Mercy, Busse Center (more…)
Sept. 25 Let’s Talk: Finding Common Ground
3:30 PM | Betty Cherry Heritage Hall (more…)
Oct. 5 Putting the Care in Healthcare
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall) (more…
Oct. 12 From the Suffragettes to the Women’s March: Feminism For Everyone
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall) (more…)
Oct. 24 Protest 101: How to Be An Effective Activist
7 PM | Betty Cherry Heritage Hall (more…
Oct. 26 Visiting Writer Series: Drew Dellinger
3:30 PM Poetry Performance | McAuley Theater // 7 PM Talk | McAuley Theatre (more…)
Oct. 28–Nov. 16 Critical Concerns: Gallery Exhibit
Oct. 30 We The People (citizenship workshop) «campus-only event»
3–4:30 PM | Betty Cherry Heritage Hall (more…)
Nov. 2 Economics: Rationality or Compassion
7 PM | Betty Cherry Heritage Hall (more…)
Nov. 9 Critical Concerns: Gallery Exhibit Reception