Developed in consultation with the Archdiocese of Dubuque, the purpose of the CLC is to assist and support Archdiocesan parishes, schools, programs, and various other institutions.

The Church needs well-informed leaders to assume the numerous roles important to fulfilling its mission to spread the “Good News.” We are pleased that Mount Mercy University has developed the Center of Learning for the Church to support the parishes and institutions of the Archdiocese.

Msgr. Thomas Toale, PhD
Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Dubuque

I am enthused for the new Center to begin its work. Our faculty have been listening to the voices within Archdiocesan parishes and schools and we know that many people who serve the Church need the concepts and skills contained in Mount Mercy courses, particularly when provided with the convenience of an online delivery system and a reasonable price. We look forward to a continued fruitful educational partnership with the Archdiocese through the Center and other initiatives.

Laurie Hamen, JD
President, Mount Mercy University

Online Course Audits

Any undergraduate, five-week, online course offered by Mount Mercy University may be audited by CLC students for $150/course. Check our list of courses in religious studies, ethics, business, the social sciences, and the arts that may be useful for your parish or school. All religious studies and philosophy professors at MMU possess the Church’s Mandatum to teach.

Upcoming Courses

» Church in Contemporary Society, a five-week, online course specifically designed for CLC students, begins in February. Taught by our campus chaplain, Father Tony Adawu, this course will enable students to think systematically about how the Church engages society for the good of all. For the Church, the question of the common good is deeply rooted in God’s offer of salvation to all of humanity. Major topics to be discussed include: the theologies of the Church in the New Testament; the significance of Vatican II for our understanding of the Church; the Church as communion and as a community of God’s friends; and the Church as servant of the poor and humanity. By taking this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and the practical steps to enhance your experience of Church in different faith/parish communities and to help others do the same.  

* Introduction to the Bible: New Testament. Taught by Dr. Phil Drey (dates: 2/5–3/10)
Introduction to World Religions. Taught by Dr. Phil Drey (dates: 3/12–4/21)

In-Service, Workshop, or Guest Speaker Opportunities

If your parish, school, or program is in need of a face-to-face in-service, workshop, or guest speaker, please contact Dr. Phil Drey to discuss.

Potential in-service, workshop, or guest speaker topics:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Biblical Archaeology and Languages
  • Catholic Moral and Social Teaching
  • Your suggestions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for an audit course or seminar?
    Step 1: Fill out the online application.
    Step 2: Fill out the CLC application and submit to Dr. Phil Drey.
  • What if I want to change from audit to credit?
    You may be able to change from audit to credit at any time. However, you will need to pay the full credit amount as well as to fulfill certain for-credit assessments in discussion with the CLC advisor and the course instructor.
  • Will I have an academic advisor?
    Yes, you will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist you with any potential issues, including course selection and any course prerequisites.


Contact Dr. Phil Drey via email or 319-363-1323 x1855.

2017–18 Academic Year