Class Requirements

Students enrolled in the Legal Studies Minor will benefit from courses drawn from a variety of relevant disciplines, providing them with strong skills in communications and argumentation, skills critical to successful legal analysis. Students will also learn the fundamentals of law and explore important political, social, and economic contexts for the legal system.

The Legal Studies Minor, which focuses primarily on the U.S. law and legal system, must be taken alongside a major in another area of interest.  Students from all majors are welcome.

Required Courses for Minor: 18-20 semester hours

Two of BA 203, CH 297 and/or PO 203; one of EN 210 or SD 365; PL 141 (suggested in spring of junior year to prepare for Law School Admission Test); LW 450; and one of BA 304, BA 305, BA 310, CO 230, CJ 350, CJ 355, EN 300 (Topics in Literature: Law), PL 210 (Special Topics in Ethics: Law & Philosophy), PO 313, or SO 245. Also suggested: EC 252, *HI 114, *HI 115, HI 215, HI 245, HI 306, HO 204, LW 420, *PL 169, PO 101, *PO 111, PO 202, PO 326, *RS 119. (*Indicates course also satisfies a Core requirement).

Academic Requirements: A grade of C or above (C- does not count) is required for each course in the minor.