Catherine McAuley Scholarship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this for real? What’s the catch?
    Yes, this is for real. No gimmicks. We simply want to help students attend college and know that finances can be a true hurdle for many families.

  2. What are the GPA/ACT requirements for the scholarship?
    There are no specific academic requirements for the scholarship. Students need only to be admitted to the university.

  3. What are your admission requirements?
    Generally, high school students need a 2.75 grade point average and 20 ACT to be admitted. High school students not meeting the above general requirements, but who have strong potential and motivation for success, may also be considered for admission.

  4. Is there a deadline for the scholarship?
    While there is no absolute deadline, we encourage students to apply to Mount Mercy University no later than June 1 to be sure we can assist them with all aspects of transition to college.

  5. Any other deadlines?
    As mentioned earlier, students must file the FAFSA prior to July 1 (first year) and May 1 (subsequent years) in order to be eligible.

  6. Why do I need to live on campus?
    Statistics show students who live on campus are more involved and do better academically than those who do not live on campus.  Resident students are able to create connections with other students for mutual support and study partnerships that will aid in their academic success.

  7. What does it cost to attend Mount Mercy University?
    Current 2018-19 costs:
    Full-time Tuition: $31,598 - FREE for Catherine McAuley Scholarship recipients
    Room and Board: $9,534 (Normal capacity room/14 meals per week)  - Catherine McAuley Scholarship recipients are responsible for paying room and board.

  8. What do I need to do to keep the scholarship each year?
    You must maintain satisfactory academic progress (generally a 2.0 gpa each semester) and live on campus.  You must also participate in the College Success Program during your first year at Mount Mercy.

  9. Are transfer students eligible?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the Catherine McAuley Scholarship to incoming transfer students.

  10. What aid is available for students who do not qualify for the Catherine McAuley Scholarship?
    Mount Mercy University offers generous scholarships to both incoming freshmen and transfer students. See for more information.

  11. Do AP Credits, PSEO courses, or other college courses taken during high school affect the scholarship?
    No. As long as the students have taken these courses while still enrolled in high school, they are considered new freshmen for the scholarship purposes.

  12. If we have questions, who can we talk to?
    Please feel free to call or email Terri Crumley or any of the staff in the admission office. Our direct office number is 319-368-6460 or toll free 800.248.4504.