The Mount Mercy Capstone, required of all students in their senior year, will help students integrate the knowledge they have gained in the Domains of Liberal Studies. 

Students will experience a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts, participate in active learning, demonstrate leadership and teamwork, communicate effectively in oral and written forms, and articulate a sense of citizenship and service to the community.

The Capstone is considered a writing-intensive course. These courses will:

  • Offer interest-based options such as service learning, international travel, multidisciplinary research, or innovative simulation game approaches;
  • Make connections among the subjects studied in pior core courses;
  • Reinforce and extend communication, teamwork and leadership skills;
  • Engage students in considering service, social justice and global issues. 

Capstone Courses are open to all majors and are designed to engage students in active learning. For more information, talk with your advisor or view the catalog