Business Requirements

Business Course Requirements      

View course descriptions and complete degree requirements in the current university catalog. Please keep in mind that these are only representative of current requirements and offerings. Classes and degree requirements can be added or changed as needed.  

Core Business Requirements
BA 203 Principles of Law
BA 205 Employment Law and Labor Relations
BA 270 Business Statistics
BA 379 Financial Management
BA 436 Applied Business Strategy Seminar
BC 265 Principles of Accounting I
BC 266 Principles of Accounting II
BK 208 Principles of Marketing
BK 311 International Marketing
BN 204 Principles of Management
BN 304 Human Resource Management
BN 380 Organizational Behavior
EC 251 Macroeconomics
EC 252 Microeconomics
EN123 Professional Writing
PL 169 Introduction to Ethics
2 Upper Level Business Courses (numbered 300 or above)