Biology Internships

As a biology major, you have the ability to gain real-world experience through internships or study abroad experiences outside of the classroom such as:

  • Iowa Lakeside Laboratory 

  • Working in physical rehabilitation facilities  

  • Marine Biology stations on the East Coast and Bonaire 
  • Helping local physicians with research 
  • Developing public plans for governmental research

Our majors also have ample opportunities to practice classroom knowledge by conducting research alongside faculty mentors. Mount Mercy encourages students to present findings from their scientific research at professional meetings. Past research performed by students include:

  • Characterization of protein interactions in herpesvirus 
  • Movements and habitat selection in ornate box turtles 
  • Predictors of test anxiety in undergraduate students 
  • Identification and analysis of novel proteins involved in bacterial cell division 
  • Identification of novel protein interactions to study the molecular mechanisms of glaucoma 
  • Efficacy of cancer treatments and diagnoses 
  • Innate response of skin cells to Ebolavirus 
  • Development of “green” chemistry laboratory experiments 
  • Isotopic analysis of late Neolithic-Bronze Age human remains in Spain and Portugal