I enjoyed my time at Mount Mercy earning my biology degree because I got several hands on
experiences, including cadavers in the Anatomy lab, playing with DNA in Genetics, numerous
chemistry experiments and field time in Ecology.  At the same time I was able to be very
involved with the Theater department by setting and running lights for all the shows while I was
a student there.  I felt like I got to know my professors as well, and vice versa; and it is because
of their help and guidance that I am in Medical School today.   - Jessica Salviati Konarske '08


leanne-martinLeanne Martin '02
PhD Candidate at Iowa State University

"Mount Mercy provided me with a strong foundation in the biological sciences and allowed me to continue with my current career track.  After entering as an undecided major and taking a diverse array of general education courses, I soon realized I enjoyed biology courses and learning about how things work in nature.  Support for further developing my personal interests and career came not only from professors guiding me, but also from new and lifelong friendships and the strong community feeling Mount Mercy provides."



Dr. Melaine Giesler, DO '01

"Mount Mercy provided me with opportunities, experience, education and friendships that I could not have imagined would be a part of my four years as a student there.  I was educated by caring, motivated professors that were truly focused on my success.  They encouraged me to work in the health care field and volunteer while completing my academic requirements.  The focus was always on my future and how my time at Mount Mercy could prepare me for graduate school and post graduate training.  My experiences, opportunities provided, education received and friendships gained have continued to be a cornerstone of my professional and personal life.  It was privilege to be a student at Mount Mercy and continues to be a privilege to be an alumnus."



Dr. Greg Blythe, DO '08
Indiana University Emergency Medicine Residency

"Mount Mercy provided me with knowledge, experiences, and opportunities that are leading me towards becoming an emergency medicine physician. With a very strong academic department and very caring professors, I cannot imagine training anywhere else. They provided me with the support and mentoring that prepared me to go on to medical school. At Mount Mercy, I formed many friendships with both classmates and professors that I am lucky to still have today. In between classes, I had enough time to participate in both the cross-country and track and field teams. I am proud to be an alumnus, and I owe my success to Mount Mercy."




Dr. Pamela Wernett, PhD '05
PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa

Current position: Health Program Specialist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) in the Extramural Research Program - Neurodegeneration. Bethesda, MD.

"My studies at Mount Mercy fostered my passion for science through dynamic lectures and experiences guided by instructors who truly care for their students. I have been taught by many different instructors, but it is clearly evident that the instructors at Mount Mercy prominently stand out as the best. Even though my time at Mount Mercy has ended, ties with these wonderful mentors still remain. 

Mount Mercy provided me with many opportunities within the sciences, such as a summer internship in environmental chemistry funded by the National Science Foundation Research Education for Undergraduates (NSF-REU), as well as opportunities to expand my life experiences through studying abroad in the Czech Republic for a semester. Through the support of many exemplary faculty and staff members, I was enabled to explore many of my academic and personal goals. I am appreciative of my time at Mount Mercy and I am proud to call this institution my alma mater."


Laura Howell McCreery '03
Teacher, Davenport High School

Laura Howell McCreery was honored with an Excellence in Science Teaching Award for the Life Sciences from the Iowa Academy of Science in April, 2010.

Ms. McCreery teaches at Davenport High School, and she earned her M.S. of Biology degree in May 2009 from Western Illinois University.

As part of her Master of Science work, she published a paper on Acoustic Analysis of Underwater Vocalizations from Crabeater Seals (Lobodon carcinophagus). 

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