Art Major

Mount Mercy University's art program prepares students to impact the ever-evolving culture around them

Students cement their foundation in visual arts concepts, principles, and techniques. Our art facilities offer hands-on learning in sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, video, and alternative media like installation, fostering diverse and energetic work as unique as a fingerprint.

Networking makes a difference. Instructed by our talented faculty who work in the media they teach, Mount Mercy’s engaging curriculum is intertwined with guest artists, seminars, exhibitions, field trips, workshops, student-teaching, and internships, and provides students with the opportunity to study and practice with nationally-known artists in their areas of interest.

» Creative talent scholarships are available to any student with a passion for the arts.

What can I do with an art degree?

Art majors often go on to become museum arts administrators and staff in various non-profit institutions such as Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), art consultants, or apply to graduate school to follow careers such as college teaching, book illustration, or work in related professional fields.

Mount Mercy graduates have worked for organizations like the Herbert Hoover Museum, Raining Rose, or Groundswell, using their training as an art major to advance their natural talents. Other graduates have become entrepreneurs, company vice presidents, photographers, consultants, teachers, artists, art directors, art professors, and more.

Mount Mercy student artists exhibit their creative accomplishments off-campus and participate in Art Club activities and other campus and community experiences. As part of the capstone course, art and design program seniors exhibit their work in the university’s public Janalyn Hanson White Gallery. Many display and even sell their work at local exhibitions and special events, including:

  • New Bohemia’s 2x2 Exhibit
  • NewBo Art Fest
  • Marion Arts Festival
  • The Area College Exhibit at the Lowe Arts Center in Marion
  • Midwestern university print exhibits

Alumni say our faculty make Mount Mercy University the best art school in Iowa:

“The reason I chose Mount Mercy is because it’s smaller. I knew I could go to a professor’s office and have a one-onone conversation. Everything starts with your mentors and who is teaching you. Their skill set and how they teach you matters, and it carries over because at that age—you’re so young and you’re learning and you’re impressionable. I didn’t even know I was going to get into the field that I did, but my professors were so generous with their time and energy, with limited resources.”

Jude Smith-Whitman ’90
Art Consultant
Scottsdale, Ariz.

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