Facilities & Studios

Art & Design | Facilities & Studios

As a Fine Arts major, students have access to a variety of facilities including:

  • Sculpture Studio: complete with equipment for small to medium-scale woodworking, carving, glass and plaster casting, and soldering. (Students complete metal work at a local foundry.)

  • Ceramics Studio: featuring 10 electric wheels and two (manual) kick wheels, hand-building tools, clay mixers/extruders, glaze-mixing areas, and both gas and electric kilns.

  • Printmaking Studio: two intaglio presses, one lithography press, letterpresses, and type drawers, screens and table mounts for silkscreen, tools for relief painting, exposure units for digital printmaking, a ventilated spray booth, small scale papermaking tools, and paper soaking/drying areas.
  • Painting & Drawing Studios: Spaces for both beginning and advanced classes, equipped with easels and carts for each student, painting storage racks, encaustic supplies, and a still life collection.
  • Photography Studio and Darkrooms: For both manual and digital photography. Equipment includes a light system for studio work, monochromatic backdrops for studio work, and lightbox. Digital and manual SLRs, tripods and video cameras are available for checkout.
  • Art Education and All-Purpose Classroom: Classroom is equipped with basic supplies commonly used in elementary/secondary art programs and includes a SmartBoard.
  • Seminar Classroom for Art History: Space for courses and studio presentations. This classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard.
  • Macintosh Computer Lab: 16 machines containing the latest graphic design and video editing software (Adobe Creative Suite), and a full range of fonts. The lab also contains a large-format color printer as well as black and white, and color laser printers.