Art & Design

Art & Design Minor

A minor in art & design from Mount Mercy University prepares students to effectively and creatively articulate who they are and what ignites their passion.

Built with practicality in mind, art & design students gain an understanding of the importance of visual culture in human expression. Students are taught to be thoughtful in their work, first considering ideas then considering choices for expressing those ideas. With practice in competently applied design principles, students graduate with the understanding of what constitutes well-crafted art.

Study with the best. Instructed by our talented faculty who create in the media they teach, Mount Mercy’s engaging curriculum is intertwined with guest artists, seminars, exhibitions, fieldtrips, workshops, and internships, and provides students with the opportunity to study and practice with nationally known artists in their areas of interest.

» Creative talent scholarships are available to any student with a passion for the arts.

What will I study in my Art & Design minor?

Students who minor in art & design at MMU take foundational art/design and art history courses, along with four classes based on their interests. Often, students choose to concentrate on fine arts or graphic design. Class options include:

  • Art Environments
  • Art History
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Typography & Design
  • Video on the Computer
  • Web and Motion Graphics

Find a full list in our course catalog.

Why minor in art & design?

Students who study art & design exhibit their creative accomplishments on- and off-campus and participate in Art Club activities. Many display and even sell their work at local exhibitions and special events, including:

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