Applied Philosophy Gaining Experience

At Mount Mercy, the philosophy major is designed to pair with a second major, enabling you to delve into issues related to such areas as business, science, and criminal justice.

Also, a senior research project is required. You will apply philosophical thinking to your area of interest, usually your second major. You will work one-on-one with one of the philosophy faculty while conducting this research and writing. Through your research and studies you will learn to articulate with clarity and depth - in writing and in speech - your own philosophical positions. Some examples from recent students include:

  • A study of the relationship between process philosophy and the literary theory called New Historicism
  • Issues in business ethics
  • The theory of human nature that is presupposed in a psychological theory
  • An examination of the ethics of intellectual property issues like copying software
  • An ethical examination of the Just War Theory
  • The ethics of cloning humans

Through projects like this, students will see the value of philosophical thinking in real-life issues. Additionally, you will present the results of your research to the Mount Mercy community before graduation.