Applied Philosophy Course Offerings

The applied philosophy program is designed so that students might easily have another major. Mount Mercy University awards a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy, with 30 credits required within the major, to graduate. Of these hours, 21 will be in philosophy and 9 from the applied area of your interest. For most students, this area would be a second major.

Course offerings will include:

  • Logic
  • Introduction to Western Philosophy
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Introduction to Asian Thought
  • Special Topics in Applied Ethics
  • Philosophy of Art and Beauty
  • Special Topics in the History of Philosophy
  • Contemporary Thought
  • Faith and Reason
  • Senior Independent Research and Writing

You can also view course offerings and descriptions in the current course catalog. Please keep in mind that these are only representative of current offerings for the academic year. Classes can be added or changed as needed.