Alumni Mentor Program

Mount Mercy University Alumni Mentor Program

Alumni Mentor Program

The Alumni Mentor Program is designed to bring together current Mount Mercy students and recent graduates with seasoned alumni who possess an abundance of knowledge and experience in their related career fields. The program is intended to help those entering the workforce build relationships with alumni and others who can offer useful career advice and professional development tips. You decide how and when to communicate and what works best for your relationship. 

Benefits to Students

Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge about industries related to their majors, and perspectives of organizational cultures and business etiquitte. The objective is to help students develop self-awareness and self-discipline, and a sense of connectedness within thier industry.

Mentors can assist you with information and tips on topics such as:

  • Academic Enrichment (course selection, study skills, internship recommendations, guidance on professional development, and continuing education)
  • Career Advice (job shadowing, résumé critiques, interviewing tips, general career guidance)
  • Personal Development (networking, work/life balance, community involvement)

Benefits to Mentors

Mentors serve as role models and coaches for succession opportunties in their respective industries thereby sharing their experience and knowledge to prepare students for future leadership roles within their organizations and communities.

Mentors have an opportunty to "pay it forward" by helping students make the transition from academics to the professional workforce, and to navigate the often complex business culture that many have never experienced. Mentors serve as a friendly resource for students to ask questons and seek advice which they might not feel comfortable asking an employer or professor. 

Mentors also have the opportuntiy to enhance their coaching, communication, and interpersonal skills as a result of their work with the students.

The Process

Sign-up Process for Students

  1. Complete the student registration form; and submit it.
  2. Wait for your form to be reviewed. You will be contacted by a program lead to get you connected with a mentor.

NOTE: Our program is open to all undergraduate and master’s students.


Sign-up Process for Alumni

  1. Complete the mentor registration form; and submit it.
  2. You will be contacted by a program leader as soon as a student registration comes in that matches your registration.


The Matching Process

As student registrations are received, they will be evaluated based on goals, major(s), and career interests. Each student will then be matched with an alumnus/alumna who has indicated interest in mentoring a student in related areas. Students will be introduced to their prospective alumni mentors via e-mail. At this point, it is the responsibility of the student and the mentor to identify goals and activities for developing the relationship.