All-State Choral Workshop

Mount Mercy University proudly offers an All-State Choral Workshop for High School Students August 3-4, 2015

The All-State Workshop is open to all high school students interested in preparing the Iowa All-State Choral repertoire. Mount Mercy’s Director of Music Activities Dr. Gerry Kreitzer and distinguished clinicians Carol TralauAllen Chapman, Duane Philgreen and June Schmidt will coached the singers in learning notes, rhythms and texts for each piece. They also offered coaching in the expression and style of each piece, and offered helpful approaches and demonstrations of the audition process.

A track of each piece with voice part highlighted, and the final recording session will be made available to each participant and director. 

Singers must purchase or secure from their high school choral director their own all-state music packet to bring with them. Packets may be purchased through:

West-Kephart's Music Center
126 East Water St.
P.O. Box 139
Decorah, Iowa 52101

For a map and directions to Mount Mercy University, click here.

 Sessions run from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00-4:00 p.m. Two lunches plus morning and afernoon snacks provided.

Registration fee is $60, which includes sessions, lunches and snacks. Registration can be done online, or,  please complete and return the downloadable form by Wednesday, June 11, 2015. Form will be available soon.

Thank you for your consideration and support of this event! 

Final Recordings of 2014

Alleluia A1 Alleluia B1 Alleluia S1 Alleluia T1
Alleluia A2 Alleluia B2 Alleluia S2 Alleluia T2
Alleluia Slow A1 Alleluia Slow B1 Alleluia Slow S1 Alleluia Slow T1
Alleluia Slow A2 Alleluia Slow B2 Alleluia Slow S2 Alleluia Slow T2
America A1 America B1 America S1 America T1
America A2 America B2
America S2
America T2
Ballade to the Moon Ballade to the Moon B1 Ballade to the Moon S1 Ballade to the Moon T1
Battle Hymn Ballade to the Moon B2 Ballade to the Moon S2 Ballade to the Moon T2
Der Gan Zum Liebchen Battle Hymn B1 Battle Hymn S1 Battle Hymn T1
I Carry Your Heart A1 Battle Hymn B2 Battle Hymn S2  Battle Hymn T2
I Carry Your Heart A2 Der Gan Zum Liebchen Der Gan Zum Liebchen Der Gan Zum Liebchen
Noel I Carry Your Heart B1 I Carry Your Heart S1 I Carry Your Heart T1
The Heavens are Telling I Carry Your Heart B2 I Carry Your Heart S2 I Carry Your Heart T2
Way Over in Beulah Lan' A1 Noel B1 Noel S1 Noel
Way Over in Beulah Lan' A2 Noel B2 Noel S2 The Heavens are Telling
  Noel B3 The Heavens are Telling  Way Over in Beulah Lan' T1
  The Heavens are Telling Way Over in Beulah Lan' S1 Way Over in Beulah Lan' T2
  Way Over in Beulah Lan' B1 Way Over in Beulah Lan' S2  
  Way Over in Beulah Lan' B2