Leadership & Navigation Certificate

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Leadership & Navigation Certificate

Not everyone leads the same way. We make decisions and lead people based on our values, strengths, vision, and purpose.

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Embrace your leadership style

To be the best leaders we can, we must understand our leadership styles and how to influence others. Our certificate will train you in the value of serving as a business partner, coach, and motivator by learning how to influence, motivate, and empower others to achieve organizational success.

Upskill your capabilities

  • Certificates are the fastest-growing form of post-secondary credentials in the U.S. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • 42% of certificate students gained more responsibilities, earned a promotion, or changed careers while pursing the credential (Harvard Extension School)
  • The number of people with a post-baccalaureate certificate has increased over 50% since 2005 (Forbes)

What are the required courses?

Graduate certificates require 12-13 credit hours (four courses) and can be applied toward an MBA or MSL

This class provides insights on how to make decisions based on goal setting, gathering data, examining cause and effect, and considering barriers to success. Learn what data to collect while understanding judgment as a process. The emphasis will be on implementing strategic initiatives, while considering ethical implications that may result.
The focus of the course is to provide a review of leadership theories both from a historical perspective and the current day leadership styles that have evolved since the Industrial Revolution. The course will include the opportunity for students to self-assess, develop, and create their own leadership style.
This course will serve as a means for the student to apply and integrate the knowledge they have gained during the certificate into their personal lives and professional careers. In today’s competitive global economy, leading and managing people efficiently, effectively, and ethically is more important than ever.
Growth mindset allows for creativity, innovation, and development that will move organizations to be more successful in the future. Systems thinking requires strategic leaders to step back and understand the dynamics that influence individual and organizational behavior. With both, you can create a culture that allows people to see beyond themselves and their titles.

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