Disability Services

Mount Mercy is committed to equal educational opportunity for all students.

Accommodations and Services

The Office of Disability Services facilitates accommodations and provides services so that students with disabilities enjoy the same exceptional opportunities as their peers, with the greatest degree of independence possible. 

Our office obtains and files disability-related documents, certifies eligibility for services, and determines reasonable accommodations for students in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Accommodations are determined on an individual basis. The need for specific documentation varies and will be determined in the initial discussion. Students who wonder if they’re entitled to accommodations or services should make an initial contact as soon as possible and should not delay the process out of concern for the appropriate paperwork.

Core Functions

  • Establishing and disseminating criteria for disability services
  • Determining eligibility for disability services through review of documentation and assessment of individual student need
  • Facilitating academic and environmental accommodations and services
  • Educating the campus community about disability issues
  • Supporting faculty and staff in meeting the needs of diverse learners

Information Technology Accessibility Policy

Creation and dissemination of knowledge is a defining characteristic of a university, fundamental to Mount Mercy University and our mission for learning. Using electronic delivery of such information is central to our mission. MMU strives to provide equal opportunity in all educational and administrative services, programs, and activities. Facilitating equal and effective access is the responsibility of all university staff and faculty.

It is the policy of MMU to make information technology resources and services, programs, services, and events reasonably accessible to all MMU students, faculty, staff and the general public. This includes all instructional or informative materials as well as the technology products that deliver the programs.