Academic Policies

The traditional academic calendar is divided into a 14-week fall semester (September–December), a four-week winter term (January) and a 14-week spring semester (February–May). We also offer accelerated, graduate, and online programs that follow a year-round block calendar.

Mount Mercy employs variable credit. Each course carries its own credit value. The unit of credit is semester hour. One semester hour of credit is awarded for each 50-minute class meeting per week per term. Each two-hour laboratory session per week per semester awards one semester hour credit.

Full-time status at Mount Mercy is designated by the enrollment in 12.0 or more semester hours per semester. Part-time status at Mount Mercy is designated by enrollment in less than 12.0 semester hours in a given semester. The winter term is not included with either the fall semester or spring semester for calculation of full-time status.

For more information about Mount Mercy's academic policies and procedures, please visit the Office of the Registrar's pages or reference the Mount Mercy Catalog.