Notebook Series

This series of handouts are short introductions on a variety of academic topics focused on successful student experience in and outside the library. They are grouped into general types: A: Finding, Using & Understanding Information Sources; B: Reading & Evaluating Information; C: Writing & Presenting; and D: Citing Sources.

A: Finding, Using & Understanding Information Sources

B: Reading & Evaluating Information

C: Writing & Presenting

D: Citing Sources
  • Note #D1 Citing Authors & Using Style Manuals
  • Note #D2 MLA Bibliographic Format (2009, 7th ed.)
  • Note #D3 APA Publication Format (2010, 6th ed.)
  • Note #D4 Citing Literature in the Biological & Physical Sciences: CSE/CBE Style (2006, 7th ed.)
  • Note #D5 The Chicago Manual of Style (2010, 16th ed.)