LexisNexis Database

LexisNexis Academic is a large collection of databases from a single aggregator vendor. It is especially useful for finding topical news articles from through the world, business news and company financial information, legal information and court rulings.

On the databases directory or on the library tab in MyCampus, you may go to the main page for Academic Universe or you may go directly to the general subset you need, e.g. general news, U.S. news, medical, state courts, etc. When you select Congressional Universe, you go to the main page and make your subset selection there. When off-campus you will go to a page where you start your search by selecting either Academic Universe or Congressional Universe and continue from there. Passwords are required.

Both use similar interfaces and have similar search capabilities. Within most of the search screens, you have several choices in limiting and refining your search. Some of the limits are: Source (particular subsets of publications), Date or time frame (today, this week, past six months ... all available dates), types of articles or general subject category, court types, etc. These are available in drop down menus indicated by a button beside the form field.

See the Reference Librarians with your questions.