Busse Library provides this website as a resource for students and faculty researching literature's major authors. Based upon the book, The Literary 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Novelists, Playwrights, and Poets of All Time by Daniel S. Burt (New York: Facts on File, 2001), the project offers full listings by ranking and through a name index. Specialized pages offer women writers, American authors, United Kingdom authors, and world authors grouped by continent.

Developed solely for this website, additional project resources include significant authors in children's literature and a compilation of other "top 100" literature projects. Each author's entry includes online biographical research and landmarks, scholarly resources, major works online, and Busse Library offerings for the novelist, dramatist, or poet. This project, and its inspiration, develop from a tradition to select the world's most important authors who made a lasting contribution to literature and to compile a selection of history's most significant published texts in fiction and nonfiction.  

The Authors, By Ranking:

  • Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) [21]
  • Euripides (c.480-406 B.C.) [22]
  • John Donne (1572-1631) [23]
  • Herman Melville (1819-1891) [24]
  • John Keats (1795-1821) [25]
  • Ovid (43 B.C.-17 A.D.) [26]
  • Tu Fu (712-770) [27]
  • William Blake (1757-1827) [28]
  • Aeschylus (c.525-456 B.C.) [29]
  • Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) [30]


Alexander Pushkin

Busse Library Resources on Pushkin

  • Berry, Thomas E. Plots and characters in major Russian fiction / 1977-1978. PG3095 .B4 Ref
  • Garrard, John Gordon. The Russian novel from Pushkin to Pasternak / c1983. PG3098.3.R87 1983
  • Magarshack, David. Pushkin; a biography / [1968,c1967] PG3350 .M28 1968
  • Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich. Eugene Onegin: a novel in verse / c1943. PG3347.E8 D5
  • Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich. The poems, prose and plays by Alexander Pushkin / [1943] PG3347.A2 Y3


Busse Library Resources on Euripides

  • Euripides. The Bacchae: Hippolytus; Alcestis; Medea: in modern translations / 1965. PA3975 .A2 1965
  • Euripides. The plays of Euripides in English / [1906] PA3975 .A1x 1906
  • Lucas, F.L. Euripides and his influence / 1963. PA3978 .L8 1963
  • Segal, Erich. Euripides; a collection of critical essays / [1968] PA3978.Z9 S4
  • Wilson, John Richard. Twentieth century interpretations of Euripides' Alcestis / [1968] PA3973 .A5 W5

John Donne

Busse Library Resources on Donne

  • Bald, R.C. John Donne, a life / 1970. PR2248 .B35 1970b
  • Coffin, Charles Moore. John Donne and the new philosophy / 1937. PR2248 .C6 1937a
  • DiPasquale, Theresa M. Literature and sacrament: the sacred and the secular in John Donne / c1999. PR2248 .D5 1999
  • Donne, John. The complete poetry and selected prose of John Donne / [1946] PR2245.A5 H3 1946
  • Donne, John. Divine poems/ 1952. PR2246 .G26
  • Gardner, Helen Louise. John Donne: a collection of critical essays / [1962] PR2248 .G25
  • Louthan, Doniphan. The poetry of John Donne: a study in explication / 1976, c1951. PR2248 .L6 1976
  • Williamson, George. The Donne tradition: a study in English poetry / [1958] PR451 .W5 1958

Herman Melville

Busse Library Resources on Melville

  • Bloom, Harold. Ahab / 1993. PS2386 .K57 1993
  • Dryden, Edgar A. Melville's thematics of form; the great art of telling the truth / [1968] PS2387 .D7x
  • Gleim, William S. The meaning of Moby Dick / 1962 [c1938] PS2384 .M62 G5
  • Herbert, T. Walter. Moby-Dick and Calvinism: a world dismantled / c1977. PS2384 .M62 H37
  • Higgins, Brian. Herman Melville, an annotated bibliography / c1979-. PS2386 .H5x
  • Howard, Leon. Herman Melville, a biography / [1951] PS2386 .H6
  • Leyda, Jay. The Melville log; a documentary life of Herman Melville, 1819-1891 / 1969 [c1951] PS2386 .L4 1969
  • Melville, Herman. The letters of Herman Melville / 1960. PS2386 .A57
  • Melville, Herman. Omoo: a narrative of adventures in the South Seas / [c1982] PS2384 .O56 1892.
  • Newman, Lea Bertani Vozar. A reader's guide to the short stories of Herman Melville / c1986. PS2387 .N5 1986
  • Rollyson, Carl E. Herman Melville A to Z: the essential reference to his life and work / c2001. PS2382 .M38 2002
  • Wright, Nathalia. Melville's use of the Bible / 1969 [c1949] PS2388 .B5 W7 1969

John Keats

Busse Library Resources on Keats

  • Finney, Claude Lee. The evolution of Keats's poetry / 1963 [c1936] PR4837 .F5 1963
  • Ford, George Harry. Keats and the Victorians; a study of his influence and rise to fame / 1944. PR4837 .F6
  • Hilton, Timothy. Keats and his world / [1971] PR4836 .H58 1971
  • Keats, John. The letters of John Keats / 1935. PR4836 .A56 1935
  • Murray, John Middleton. Keats / [1968, c1955] PR4837 .M8 1968
  • Ridley, M.R. Keats' craftsmanship; a study in poetic development / 1962. PR4837 .R5 1962
  • Shuster, George Nauman. The English ode from Milton to Keats / 1940. PR509 .O3 S55
  • Vendler, Helen Hennessy. Coming of age as a poet: Milton, Keats, Eliot, Plath / 2003. PR502 .V46 2003
  • ward, Aileen. John Keats; the making of a poet / [1963] PR4836 .W3
  • wasserman, Earl R. The finer tone: Keats' major poems / 1953. PR4837 .W3


Busse Library Resources on Ovid

  • Ovid. Four books of the Metamorphoses of Publius Ovidius Naso / 1875, c1872. PA6519 .M4x
  • Ovid. The loves; the art of beauty; The remedies for love / c1957. PA6522 .A3x 1957
  • Ovid. Ovid's Metamorphoses: the original text reduced to the natural English order / [189-] PA6519 .M2x 1895

Tu Fu

William Blake

Busse Library Resources on Blake

  • Blake, William. Blake's Dante: the complete illustrations to the Divine comedy / 1980. PQ4329 .B5 1979
  • Blake, William. The complete writings of William Blake / 1966. PR4141 .K42 1966
  • Frye, Northrop. Fearful symmetry, a study of William Blake / 1947. PR4147 .F7
  • Russell, Archibald George Blomefield. The engravings of William Blake / 1912. NE642.B5 R8 1968
  • Van Sinderen, Adrian. Blake, the mystic genius / 1949. NE642.B5 W5
  • Wingfield Digby, George Frederick. Symbol and image in William Blake / 1957. NE642.B5 W5


Busse Library Resources on Aeschylus

  • Aeschylus. The Oresteia trilogy / [1970, c1965] PA3827 .A7 T4
  • Aeschylus. Fifteen Greek plays / 1943. PA3626 .A2 C6
  • Aeschylus. The Persians / [1970] PA3827 .P3P6
  • Aeschylus. The seven against Thebes / [1970] PA3827 .S4 D3
  • Coe, Tony. Seize the fire; a version of Aeschylus' Prometheus bound / c2001. Video PA3827 .A4 S45
  • Sheppard, John Tresidder. Aeschylus and Sophocles; their work and influence / 1963. PA3829 .S45 1963

Gustave Flaubert

Busse Library Resources on Flaubert

  • Bart, Benjamin F. Madame Bovary and the critics; a collection of essays / 1966. PQ2246.M3 B3
  • Brombert, Victor H. The novels of Flaubert; a study of themes and techniques / 1966. PQ2247 .B68
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  • Smalley, Barbara. George Eliot and Flaubert: pioneers of the modern novel / [1974] PR4683 .S5