Scholarships and Grants

Mount Mercy provided $9.2 million in scholarship support to undergraduates in 2012–13, including $649,601 from endowed and named scholarships. A total of 225 endowed scholarships, which are a continual source of support for Mount Mercy students, were awarded. Additionally, annual donors provided 125 named scholarships.

Institutional Aid | Scholarships & Grants

Sister Mary Ildephonse Holland Scholarship | Full Tuition
Open to incoming freshmen students only.

  • Requires minimum 26 ACT Composite and 3.5 Cumulative GPA
  • Scholarship awarded from participation in Scholarship Day
  • Evidence of strong community service and extra-curricular activities desired
  • Must complete the Admissions and Scholarship Day application process by desired date
  • FAFSA must be filed by July 1
  • Student will be required to live on-campus

Catherine McAuley  |  Full Tuition
Open to incoming freshmen students only.

  • Need-based free tuition award
  • Income guidelines apply
  • FAFSA must be filed by July 1 in first year, May 1 in subsequent years
  • Must be Iowa resident and graduate from an Iowa high school
  • Student will be required to live on-campus
  • Learn more

Academic Scholarships, Grants & Awards  |  $4,000-$16,000
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

  • Awards include the Presidential Scholarship, Distinguished Honor Scholarship, Honor Scholarship and Collegiate Award
  • Incoming Freshmen: based on high school GPA and ACT/SAT score
  • Transfer students: based on college transfer GPA
  • Must be enrolled full-time to receive full award
  • Awards will be reduced for part-time enrollment
  • Must be enrolled a minimum of 6 hours to receive a partial award

Special Talent Scholarships  |  $2,000 - $3,000
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students. 

  • Scholarships including Art & Design, Instrumental Music, Theatre Arts, Vocal Music, and Writing
    • Must complete a scholarship application and participate in an interview session or audition
    • Open to majors and non-majors.
    • $2,000 available for full-time transfer students.
    • $3,000 available for incoming full-time freshmen.
    • Students receiving Athletic Scholarships are not eligible to receive a special talent scholarship.

Athletic Scholarships
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

  • Awarded to entering full-time students academically eligible to compete in NAIA athletic events
  • Coaches of each sport with work with the Athletic Director and Student Financial Services Office to award the scholarship

Out-of-State Grant  |  $500-$3,500
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

  • Need-based
  • Must reside out-of-state
  • Must complete FAFSA by July 1
  • Must enroll with full-time status
  • Must live on campus

Outstanding International Student Award  |  $3500-$7000
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

  • The International Grant is awarded to international students not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • The amount is determined by whether the student is living on or off campus.

Legacy or Sibling Scholarship  |  $1,000
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Catholic Education Grant  |  $1,000
Open to incoming freshmen students only.

  • Graduates of Catholic High Schools
  • Must enroll with full-time status

Archdiocese of Dubuque Parish Award  |  $500
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students

  • Recipients selected by parish priest
  • Must enroll with full-time status

Honors Scholarships  |  $1,000
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

  • Eligible for the honors program at Mount Mercy. 
  • Freshmen: Minimum ACT of 26, top 25% class rank, and 3.6 GPA. 
  • Transfers:  Have minimum 3.4 college GPA (with minimum 12 hours of transferable credits)  
  • Complete the scholarship application. 
  • Participation in the honors program required. 
  • Learn more about the Honors Program.

Honor Society Scholarships for Transfer Students: Phi Theta Kappa and Kappa Beta Delta  |  $1000
Open to incoming transfer students only.

  • Must be a member of Phi Theta Kappa or Kappa Beta Delta
  • Must submit a copy of membership card or certificate of membership
  • Awards are non-duplicative (one honor society scholarship per student)
  • Must maintain a 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Must be a 2-year college transfer
  • Must transfer at least 45 credits
  • Must be enrolled full-time

Social Work Scholarship through the Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work  |  $500-$2,000
Open to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

  • Scholarship applications and materials are required (expectations vary by application and program)
  • Incoming freshmen: 2.5 or higher high school GPA
  • Transfer students: 2.5 or higher college transfer GPA
  • Demonstration of ability, talent and dedication in major area of study
  • Must enroll at least half-time
  • Download the Social Work Scholarship application form

One-Course Grant  |  $300

  • Students enrolled for one course (3-5 hours) are eligible
  • Students must complete the course with a grade of C or better (C- does not count) and maintain a grade point average of 2.30
  • Apply for fall grants by December 30 and spring grants by May 31
  • Those receiving employer reimbursement or other forms of aid are not eligible

All scholarship amounts listed above are for full-time, degree seeking students unless otherwise noted. Students attending part-time will receive prorated awards unless the scholarship requires full-time status.

State & Federal Programs | Grants 

Iowa Tuition Grant  |  $400-$4,000

  • Need-based
  • Must reside in Iowa
  • Must complete FAFSA by July 1

Federal Pell Grant

  • Need based
  • Apply by filing a FAFSA
  • Award determined by number of credit hours student is taking and Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • No repayment required unless student changes credit hours or withdraws from school

Federal TEACH Grant

  • Must file a FAFSA
  • Must be a U.S. citizen enrolled in a qualified teacher education program
  • Students must also sign an Agreement to Serve (ATS) that obligates them to teach for 4 years within 8 years of completing or ceasing enrollment in a TEACH grant eligible program
  • If obligation is not met the grant converts to an unsubsidized loan and must be repaid with interest
  • A student must teach in a low income elementary or secondary school in a high need field
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.25 must be maintained

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

  • Awarded to undergraduates with exceptional financial need, that is, students with the lowest Expected Family Contributions
  • No guarantee every eligible student will be able to receive a FSEOG
  • Awards are based on the availability of funds at Mount Mercy