Busse Library provides these webpages for students and faculty seeking information on Scandinavia. Websites reflect a small portion of available government and social resources. Busse Library titles are provided for research needs.

Nations included in this region : Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Lapland, Norway, and Sweden.

Government Resources

Society and Culture Resources

General Resources on Region

Busse Library Resources

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  • Childs, Marquis William. Sweden, the middle way. [1961] HD3616. S53 C48 1971
  • Derry, T.K. A history of Scandinavia / 1979. DL46 .D43
  • Foote, Peter Godfrey. The Viking achievement ; a survey of the society / [1970] DL65. F6 1970
  • Innes, Hammond. Scandinavia / [1963] DL5. I5
  • Jones, Gwyn. A history of the Vikings / 1968. DL31. J6
  • Popperwell, Ronald G. Norway / [1972] DL431. P66
  • Roberts, Michael. Gustavus Adolphus and the rise of Sweden / 1973. DL706. R76
  • Scott, Franklin Daniel. Scandinavia / 1975. DL5. S44
  • Scott, Franklin Daniel. Sweden, the nation's history / c1977. DL648. S36 1977
  • Semmingsen, Ingrid. Norway to America : a history of the migration / c1978. E184.S2 S4313
  • Snorri Sturluson. The Heimskringla : a history of the Norse kings / 1907. PT7277. E5 L3x
  • Wuorinen, John H. Scandinavia / [1965] DL46. W8


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