Multiple Intelligences

Busse Library provides these titles and websites for students and faculty seeking information about multiple intelligences and learning theory. Books listed here are a sampling available in the library and elsewhere. Websites reflect selected topics.

Gateways to Multiple Intelligences (MI Theory)


Howard Gardner Resources

Articles on MI Theory

Online MI Tests

Classroom Application

Busse Library Resources

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  • Campbell, Linda. Teaching and learning through multiple intelligences / c1992. LB1062 .C3x 1992
  • Chapman, Carolyn. If the shoe fits ...: how to develop multiple / 1993. LB1062 .C49 1993
  • Gardner, Howard. Art, mind, and brain: a cognitive approach to / BF411 .G37 1982
  • Gardner, Howard. Artful scribbles: the significance of children's / c1980. BF723.D7 G36
  • Gardner, Howard. Creating minds: an anatomy of creativity seen through / c1993. BF408 .G33 1993
  • Gardner, Howard. Frames of mind: the theory of multiple intelligence / c1983. BF431 .G244 1983
  • Gardner, Howard. The mind's new science: a history of the cognitive / c1985. BF311 .G339 1985
  • Gardner, Howard. Multiple intelligences: the theory in practice / c1993. LB1060 .G357 1993
  • Gardner, Howard. The unschooled mind: how children think and how / LB1062 .G36 1991
  • Haggerty, Brian A. Nurturing intelligences: a guide to multiple / c1995. LB1060 .H33 1995
  • Lazear, David G. Seven ways of teaching: the artistry of teaching / c1991. LB1025.3 .L393 1991
  • Lazear, David G. Seven ways of knowing: teaching for multiple / c1991. LB1060 .L39 1991b


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