Men's Studies

Busse Library provides these titles and websites for students and faculty seeking information about men's studies and the Men's Movement. Books listed here are a sampling available in the library and elsewhere. Websites reflect selected topics.

Gateways to Men's Studies

Reference and Research

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Fathering Resources

Busse Library Resources

  • August, Eugene R. Men's studies: a selected and annotated / 1985. HQ1090. A8x
  • Bankston, Carl L. Encyclopedia of family life / c1999. HQ534. E53 1999, Ref
  • Berman, Phyllis W. Men's transitions to parenthood: longitudinal studies / 1987. HQ756. M46 1987
  • Brod, Harry. The Making of masculinities : the new men's studies / c1987. HQ1088. M35 1987
  • Hood, Jane C. Men, work, and family / c1993. HQ1090 .M452 1993
  • Majors, Richard. The American Black male: his present status and his future / c1994. E185.86.A42 1994
  • Marsiglio, William. Fatherhood: contemporary theory, research, and social policy / c1995. HQ756. F3744 1995
  • Messner, Michael A. Politics of masculinities: men in movements / c1997. HQ1090.3 .M475 1997
  • Rabinowitz, Fredric Eldon. Man alive: a primer of men's issues / c1994. HQ1090. R33 1994
  • Sabo, Donald F. Men's health and illness: gender, power, and the body / c1995. RA564.83.M46 1995
  • Shapiro, Evelyn. The women say, the men say: women's liberation and men's / c1979. HQ1075.S53q


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