LLC Resident Assistants

Meet the 2013-14 Resident Assistants for the Living Learning Communities!

Students living on campus will have a designated resident assistant (RA) for their living area. Resident Assistants help smooth new students’ transition to college life at MMU. RAs are responsible for creating an inclusive community, enforcing University policies, and maintaining a safe and healthy living and learning environment for students.

Applications for the Resident Assistant position become available in the Spring semester of each academic year.

Tessa Friason 
Major:  Nursing
LLC:  "50 Shades of Green"

“My favorite aspect of Mount Mercy would have to be the wonderful faculty we have here! They all know me by name and have a genuine interest in my personal and professional life. They're all great to talk to whenever you're having a stressful time, or even just to get to know them outside of the campus.”

Seth Pennock
Major:  Accounting & Finance
LLC:  "Champions of Character"

“My favorite thing about living on campus is meeting all sorts of new people and really getting to know some of them and becoming great friends.”

Alli Roe
Major: Biology/Pre-Med
LLC:  "Community Engagement & Outreach" (Sophomores only)

I love how connected to campus life I feel by living on campus. I have easy access to everything I need: food, laundry, entertainment, the list goes on!  There is a wonderful community on campus that creates a home-away-from-home feeling.”

Abby Myers
Major: Nursing
LLC: "D.I.V.E. (Diversity, Inclusion, Values & Exploration)" 

“My favorite thing about Mount Mercy is the small atmosphere; it allows you to interact with older and younger classmates and form strong friendships.” 

Breanna Fecht
Major: Medical Laboratory Science
LLC: "F.A.M. (Future Alumni Members)"

“My favorite thing about MMU is the fact that all of my professors, whether I have had them for one class or ten, know my name. All of my previous professors have told me, even if they are not in my major, that I can talk to them if I ever need to.”

Abbey Kilburg
Major: Health Administration and Human Resource Management
LLC: "Honors and Academic Excellence"

“My favorite thing about living on campus is the convenience. Everything is all in the same place and you don't have to worry about traffic or getting up earlier.”

Deanna Knustrom
Major: Nursing
LLC: "Lifestyles of Mercy"

“My favorite thing about Mount Mercy is the friendly students, staff, and very helpful professors. I love walking across campus and having nearly everyone I walk by smile at me and say hi. The best part is almost all of them know me!” 


Colton Hale
Major: Social Work
LLC: "Mustangs in Action"

“My favorite thing about living on campus is how everyone is your family and always there for support even when you don't need it!”

Kayley Hakeman
Major: Nursing
LLC: "Wellness for Life"

“My favorite thing about living on campus is meeting new people and creating communities within the residence halls.”