Janalyn Hanson White Gallery

Mount Mercy is proud to exhibit the work of regional and national artists in a professional setting that highlights their creativity and artistic expression. The Janalyn Hanson White Gallery serves as a special venue to showcase students' capstone projects, the local talent of area high school teachers and students, and many other exhibitors.

The Janalyn Hanson White Gallery in lower McAuley Hall was renovated due to an endowment from the Tim and Jan White Family. The gallery has month-long exhibitions of nationally and regionally known artists who apply years in advance to exhibit in our space. Since the gallery is intended as a teaching tool, we invite artists of national reputation who work in a variety of media. These artists often come to meet with students and give a lecture during the exhibit's opening reception. In recent months, exhibitions of painting, drawing, digital video interactive works, installation, fiber arts, printmaking, sculpture and video by artists from New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Mexico, and London have been on display in the gallery.

Gallery Hours and Contact Information
Monday – Friday | 4:00 p.m. –  6:00 p.m.

Viewings outside of normal business hours can be arranged by checking out a gallery key from the Lundy Desk, or by calling 319-363-8213. 

Gallery Exhibits for 2013-14

Recent Ceramic Sculptures
Featuring the works of Craig Clifford & Debbie Kupinsky 
September 9 - October 11

Wild Wildness
Photography by Chris Mortenson
October 14 - November 8

Exhibit featuring artwork of local artist Jen Rogers
November 8 - December 13

Digital Fragmentation: A Journey of Surrealism and Abstraction
Featuring the works of Arbe Bareis Clifford & Debbie Kupinsky 
January 10 - February 7 

Featuring the works of Andrew Kaufman 
February 10 - March 7 

Studies in Coherence
Featuring the works of Stephanie Brunia 
March 10 - April 4