Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Busse Library provides these webpages for students and faculty seeking information on United Kingdom history and culture. Websites reflect a small portion of available government and social resources. Busse Library titles are provided for research needs.

Nations included in this region : Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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Busse Library Resources

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  • Colum, Padraic. A treasury of Irish folklore; the stories, traditions / [1954] GR147. C5
  • Cronin, Sean. Irish nationalism : a history of its roots and ideology / 1981. DA938. C75 1981
  • Donaldson, Gordon. Mary, Queen of Scots / 1974. DA787. A1 D59
  • Evans, E. Estyn. The Irish world : the art and culture of the Irish people / 1977. DA925. I75q
  • Harvie, Christopher T. Scotland and nationalism : Scottish society / 1977. DA765. H37
  • Hughes, Michael. Ireland divided : the roots of the modern Irish problem / 1994. DA963. H84 1994
  • Levack, Brian P. The formation of the British state / 1987. DA375. L48 1987
  • Meek, James. The landand people of Scotland / c1990. j941.1 Mee4
  • Morgan, Prys. Wales : the shaping of a nation / c1984. DA714 .M6x
  • Orel, Harold. Irish history and culture : aspects of a people's / c1976. DA925. I74
  • Percival, John. The great famine : Ireland's potato famine / 1995. DA950.7 .P4 1995
  • Platt, Colin. The castle in medieval England and Wales / 1982. DA660. P53 1982
  • Somerset Fry, Plantagenet. A history of Ireland / 1991. DA910 .S68 1991


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