The development of a global system of production, distribution, and consumption virtually has linked all nations through an interdependent network. As a future professional in this global market, it is becoming increasingly important to gain an understanding of international relations and global politics. Mount Mercy's international studies major offers you an understanding of the social, cultural, economic, and political relations of various nations, and an appreciation of international politics and an expanding global economy. You will gain a clear theoretical understanding of socio-economic and political relations and develop skills in critical analysis, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

This interdisciplinary program integrates classes in art, economics, history, political science and sociology, and includes an internship with a local agency or company whose operation has an international focus. You will complete a senior thesis on a particular country or region, discussing related socio-economic and political issues. You also have the option of earning credit by studying abroad for a semester, winter term, or summer.

Graduating with a degree in international studies will prepare you for a career with businesses and corporations involved in international trade, government agencies, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, human rights organizations, and the United Nations.

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