How to Use the Site

Welcome to Our New Website!

Where can I find a link to myCampus?

In the upper left-hand corner of all site pages there is a menu called "Information For" that provides link sets for Current Students and Faculty & Staff. These links take you to new pages with audience-specific resources like myCampus, myMountMercy, your Google account and links to campus dining, activities, news and announcements.

I maintain a web site for a Mount Mercy department or office. How can I update my content?

We heard your frustrations with the old system and after testing several options with on-campus users, we chose a new content management system called Drupal. The Web Communications staff will send out invitations in January to begin Content Management System training. If you need changes made before then, contact us and we'll make them for you. Until then, you can get started by analyzing your current web content to determine what items need to be retained and perhaps updated; what items are no longer needed and should be removed; and what items are not currently available but should be. 


Site Overview 

Site Header

A) Information For:

Current Students, Parents, Faculty & Staff, and Alumni can find important links for their specific audience group 

B) Directory and Busse Library:

Permanent links for the Faculty and Staff directory and Busse Library. You can find contact information for any faculty or staff within the directory. Busse library can provide you with a wealth of information about writing and research.

C) Search 

If you cannot find what you're looking for, try the search bar

Site Navigation

D) Permanent Navigation

This navigation will appear on every page of the site. You will be able to access the different areas of the site quickly through this navigation.

E) Mount Mercy Updates

On the home page, you can quickly see what's happening around Mount Mercy. News, Events, Media, and Updates (which provides users with a quick glimpse of Mount Mercy activity on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr) are updated every hour.

F) Social Links

The links to Mount Mercy's social media accounts will appear on every page of the site.

G) Breadcrumb Trail

Every page will provide a breadcrumb trail that will allow users to quickly navigate back to a related section of the site.

H) Navigation 

The navigation will provide you with links to traverse the site. These links will display information related to the topic you are currently browsing, and will change as you dive deeper into the site.

I) Learn More

Occasionally, pages will provide you with some additional information related to the topic you are on. 

J) Items of Interest

These rotating informational pieces will provide insight into some interesting facets of Mount Mercy that you may find informative.