Have you ever wondered why carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas? Or how new medicines are discovered? Or why there is xantham gum in your ice cream? These are all questions that chemistry can help answer.

Studying chemistry can be the ticket to getting a great job, an advanced degree or just a better understanding of the complex world in which we live. Chemists are interested in the physical and chemical properties of matter:

  • Why do some substances do one thing that another cannot? 
  • How can we make a product that does a specific thing or have a particular property? 

From farms and hospitals, to the food industry and even cosmetics, chemistry plays a major role. Knowing chemistry can help you with decisions you’ll have to make in life. When you need to make choices about environmental issues, foods to eat, medications to take, products with which to clean your home, or what kind of car to buy, knowledge of chemistry can help you make an informed choice.

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“Chemistry is all around us and you do ‘chemistry’ — every day even without knowing it! Studying chemistry helps you understand how the world works  and knowledge is power. The study of chemistry provides a firm foundation for many other subjects and can give you an advantage when it comes to searching for and finding a job or applying to graduate school or a professional school, like medical or dental school.”

— Kristopher Keuseman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry