Central America

Busse Library provides these webpages for students and faculty seeking information on Central American nations. Websites reflect a small portion of available government and social resources. Busse Library titles are provided for research needs.

Nations included in this region : Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Government Resources

Society and Culture Resources

General Resources on Region

Busse Library Resources

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  • Booth, John A. Understanding Central America / 1993. F1439. B66 1993
  • Cambridge Symposium on Recent Research. Maya archeology and ethnohistory / c1979. F1435. C3 1976
  • Coleman, Kenneth M. The Central American crisis : sources of conflict / c1985. F1436.8.U6 C46 1985
  • Feinberg, Richard E. Central America, international dimensions of the crisis / 1982. F1436.7 .C46 1982
  • Gettleman, Marvin E. El Salvador : Central America in the new cold war / 1981. F1488. E4
  • Greenleaf, Richard E. The Roman Catholic Church in colonial Latin America / c1977. BX1426.2 .G73 1977
  • Langley, Lester D. The banana men : American mercenaries and entrepreneurs / c1995. F1440. A54 L36 1995
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  • Roosevelt, Anna Curtenius. Amazonian Indians from prehistory to the present / c1994. F2519.1. A6 A465 1994
  • Seligson, Mitchell A. Development and underdevelopment : the political economy of / 1993. HC59.7 .D3945 1993


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