Books and Media for Children

Busse Library provides the following list of resources from its Curriculum Center collection (pre-K through eighth grade) about the Japanese bombings and the path to peace. A PDF version of the bibliography is available for printing.

  • Blakely, Susan. Hiroshima Maiden. (1988) [Curr. C. Video O7 H4]
  • Coerr, Eleanor. Mieko and the Fifth Treasure. (1994, c1993) [j CoerE5]
  • Coerr, Eleanor. Sadako. (c1993) [j 362.1 Coe6]
  • Hamanaka, Sheila. On the Wings of Peace. (1995) [j 810.8 O57]
  • Maruki, Toshi. Hiroshima no pika. (c1980) [j940.54 Ma4]
  • Morpurgo, Michael. Kensuke‚Äôs Kingdom. (2003) [j MorpM55]