Biology Recent Internships

Jansa, K. | 2011
Internship in psychology clinical research laboratories
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Myers, T. | 2011 
Woodland Management of a Hill Prairie
Private citizen

Stofel, H.  |  2010
Survey of natural area to develop management plans  
Private citizen

Goble, J.  |   2007
Worms and Filthy Lucre: Applying C. elegans to natural product development in industry
Diamond V. Mills

Whitman, J.  |  2006 
Internship in psychology clinical research laboratories
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Knoble, E. and R. Moe.  |  2005
Internship in pathology involving Assays of Her-2/new, Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors, and FISH Ratios in Invasive Breast Carcinormas: Accuracy of Pathological Analysis in Determining Treatment
Mercy Medical Center

Schubert, J.  |  2005
Internship in pathology
Weland Clinical Laboratories

Whitters, A.  |  2003
Internship in pathology involving testing for a protein test for the presence of ulcer-causing bacteria
Mercy Medical Center 

Nieuwendaal, R.  |  2001 
Internship for environmental education
 Indian Creek Nature Center 

Esslinger, K.  |  2000
Internship in pathology for forensic science and tissue study
Mercy Hospital

Jewell, J.  |  2000
Internship for curriculum development
The Science Station 

Richtsmeier, R.  |  2000
Internship promoting environmental education
Indian Creek Nature Center 

Poggenklass, D.  |  1998
Bluestem Solid Waste Agency, Linn County

Richmann, T.J.  |  1997
Internship in pathology involving testing for myocardial infarction
Mercy Medical Center 

Austin, K.  | 1995
Internship in pathology involving effectiveness of pap smears
Mercy Medical Center

Reece, J.  |  1995
Internship in chemistry research labs involving paper sizing
Penford Products 

Kell, B.  |  1994
Establishment of reference material on preserves from existing database
Iowa Chapter of The Nature Conservancy

Brauer, S.  |  1993
Development of battery recycling program for Linn County 
East Central Iowa Council of Governments

Perry, S.  |  1993
Development of paint recycling center for Cedar Rapids landfill
The East Central Iowa Council of Governments

Usher, M.  |  1993
Coordination of Earth Day activities and other coordination tasks
East Central Iowa Council of Governments

Krogmann, S.  |   1992
Development of storm sewer labeling program
East Central Iowa Council of Governments