Biology Program Features

The life-saving medical doctors and scientists of tomorrow are biology majors today. With pre-professional tracks available, Mount Mercy’s biology major instill fundamental principles and superior technical skills so students can achieve their ultimate career goals - from medicine to forensic science.

Job Possibilities
Graduates have held positions at Integrated DNA Technologies, Cargill, Inc. and ADM, building fulfilling careers with Mount Mercy’s biology curriculum at the heart of their professions. Biology majors become physician assistants, physical therapists, teachers, lab techs and much more. Students aspiring to be doctors often proceed to medical schools like the University of Iowa, University of Des Moines upon graduation.

Mount Mercy biology majors gain real-world experience through internships outside of the classroom. Past opportunities have included the University of Iowa’s Department of Neurology, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, and marine biology stations on the East Coast.

Facilities & Research
Hands-on learning opportunities also include research conducted alongside Mount Mercy’s award-winning faculty in the cutting-edge, 24-hour laboratories on campus. Students have presented on research topics such as biological mechanisms of disease, rare earth metals in electronics, and the biology and ethics of stem cell research.

Student Club
Students interested in biology-related areas are encouraged to join Science Club. The club presents at local elementary schools, plans off campus activities, and offers an outlet for scholars to express their ideas.