Biology Gaining Experience

Professor with students

Opportunities for learning outside the classroom include conducting research at medical facilities, developing public plans for governmental agencies, working in physical rehabilitation facilities, and interning in local laboratories.

You may receive 1-6 semester hours for an internship, but it cannot be used as one of your three upper division electives. You can also receive credit for independent research or reading studies. We encourage our students to present the findings of their scientific research at state and national meetings. The department also maintains contact with the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory field station for students interested in natural history studies; one of our biology professors is on the station’s faculty. Read more about past internship opportunities.

Arlene Parsons (class of 2009) conducted research at the University of Iowa that resulted in a publication in the journal of Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 2008. The paper was entitled: Cisplatin combined with zidovudine enhances cytotoxicity and oxidative stress in human head and neck cancer cells via thiol-dependent mechanisms pdf.

Arlene is currenty in medical school at the University of Des Moines.



Ian Ster (class of 2012) on a REU Fellowship at the College of Charleston. Ian spent the Fall 2011 semester studying at a marine biology station in Bonaire. Ian researched an endangered species of redhorse in South Carolina, and he is currently investigating graduate programs.


Joe Zach (class of 2013) and Ben Reinhart (class of 2013) work in the new undergraduate research lab setting up a ligation reaction to create a new plasmid. Joe and Ben both worked with Dr. Alesia Hruska-Hageman on her research with the PICK1 protien.



Katie Jansa (class of 2012) spent the summer in the Department of Neurology at the University of Iowa. Katie will be applying to physical therapy graduate programs following graduation.


Undergraduate biology student Aaron Lacy discusses a cyanobacterial culture with Dr. Ryan Bezy during a summer research project at Mount Mercy University.