American Revolution

The following resources are recommended to users looking for information on the American Revolutionary War.

Busse Library Resources

  • The Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War: A Political, Social, and Military History.  By Gregory Fremont-Barnes. c2006. E 208 .E64 2006 REF 
  • The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution. By Bernard Bailyn. 1967. JA84.U5 B3
  • The American Revolution. By Alfred Fabian Young.1976. E208.A43
  • Diary of a Common Soldier in the American Revolution: 1775-1783: an annotated edition of the military journal of Jeremiah Greenman. By Jeremiah Greenman.1978. E275.G78 1978
  • English Radicals & The American Revolution. By Colin Bonwick. 1977.HN400.R3 B66
  • The Challenge of The American Revolution. By Edmund Sears Morgan. 1976. E208.M86 1976
  • The American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement. By John Franklin Jameson. 1926. E209.J33
  • Essays on The American Revolution. By Stephen Kurtz. 1973. E208.E83
  • The Loyalists in Revolutionary America 1760-1781. By Robert Calhoon. 1973. E277.C24
  • The American Revolution. By Scott Paddor. 1994. VIDEO E208.A447 1994 Pt. 1-5
  • The Speeches of our Founding Fathers & The American Revolution. 1997. VIDEOE188.5.S634
  • Liberty! The American Revolution. 1997. VIDEO E208.L5PT. 1-3
Women and The American Revolution
  • Women in The American Revolution. By Paul Engle. 1976. E276.E5
  • Weathering the Storm; Women of the American Revolution. By Elizabeth Evans. 1975. E276.E93
Slavery and The American Revolution
  • Slavery, Race & The American Revolution. By Duncan J. MacLeod. 1974. E446.M19 1974
  • Slavery & Freedom in the Age of the American Revolution. By Ira Berlin. 1983. E446.S62 1983
American Revolution & American Indians
  • Cherokees of North Carolina in the American Revolution. By James O’Donnell. 1976. E263.N8 O35
  • The Iroquois in the American Revolution. By Barbara Graymont. 1972. E99.17 G67
  • Southern Indians in The American Revolution. By James O’Donnell. 1973. E83.775 O36


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