Alumni Referrals

When talking to prospective students, alumni and siblings are Mount Mercy's best advocates. You can encourage prospective students to apply and help them through the admission process. To promote recruitment within the Mount Mercy community, we offer the following scholarships for new full-time undergraduate students:

Sibling Scholarship ($1,000)
If your brother or sister wishes to attend Mount Mercy, please refer him or her and he or she may qualify for a $1,000 Sibling Scholarship. Current Mount Mercy students are eligible to nominate siblings for this scholarship.

Legacy Scholarship ($1,000)
If your child or grandchild is interested in attending Mount Mercy, please refer him or her and he or she may qualify for a $1,000 Legacy Scholarship. These scholarships are available only to new full-time undergraduate students.

Please note that a student may only receive one of the scholarships listed above. A referral does not guarantee admission to Mount Mercy. The student must still apply and meet the admission requirements.

Do you know a student who you believe is a “good fit” for Mount Mercy? Please use the form below to share his or her contact information with the Admissions office.

If you have questions about the Sibling or Legacy scholarships, please contact the Admission Office at 319-368-6460 or 800-248-4504 or the Financial Aid Office at 319-368-6467.